Programmer and Web Developer


Programmer and Web Developer.

Reports To

The Programmer and Web Developer will report to the Operation Manager.

Job Overview

The Programmer and Web Developer position is an essential role at AIS. The company capitalizes on the IT specialist’s abilities and capabilities to administer its daily operations. The position offers a long and prosperous career with an ever-growing niche to improve and advance.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Solve problems and create innovative solutions to streamline operations.
  • Integrate with provided documentation APIs between two systems.
  • Perform or direct revision, repair, or expansion of existing programs to increase operating efficiency or adapt to new requirements.
  • Correct errors by making appropriate changes and then rechecking the program to ensure that the desired results are produced.
  • Design sheets and formulas to expedite and simplify the process of data entries and other requirements in Excel sheets.
  • Conduct trial runs of programs and software applications to be sure they will produce the desired information and that the instructions are correct.
  • Write, update, and maintain computer programs or software packages to handle specific jobs, such as tracking inventory, storing or retrieving data, or controlling other equipment.
  • Insure that exporting and importing to the system is done in a professional and streamline manner to assure effectiveness.
  • Provide training to new employees and other training sessions as required.


  • BSc in computer science.
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills in Arabic and English.
  • Can edit, create in PHP7- PHP-FPM, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS
  • Experienced in Microsoft Excel using macros and writing formula.
  • Ability to work with a complex CMS, read and implement its extensive knowledge base to advance his/her learning.
  • Has experience in designing, and coding for IOS and Android for maintaining and improving the Website mobile application.
  • Knowledge in open source software/database engineering tools, database management and structured query language (SQL), design and development techniques.
  • The ability to use Crawling technology and mining of information.
  • Understanding of SEO and E-commerce.
  • Ability to work under pressure and handle multiple problems simultaneously
  • Preference given to candidates familiar with programs such as Redis, Smarty, Mysql, GIT, AWS, CCDH, Oracle APEX, Oracle OCPJP, RHCJD.