PIN East Turkey, Duck & Orange 400g Can (6 in case)

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No meat by products but with vital edible offals*(meeting the standards set by No preservatives No flavor enhancers.Soy and grain free.


Product Features:

Full and balanced cooked in steam meal for dogswith turkey and duck.

ü No meat by products but with vital edibleoffals*(meeting the standards set by

ü No preservatives

ü No flavor enhancers.

ü Soy and grain free.

ü Edible are the foods suitable for humanconsumption.


66.25% turkey (meat and edible offal’s),28.20% duck (hearts and livers), 4,25% orange, 1% minerals, 0,1% linseed oil,0,1% FOS, 0,1% MOS. The fructo-oligosaccharides FOS are beneficial in manyaspects of a dog's life. It reduces the danger of carcinogenesis, stabilizesthe prebiotic levels, help the absorption of minerals and reduces thecholesterol, triacylglycerols and phospholipids. While MOSmanano-oligosaccharides are prebiotics which enriches the bacteria of the florain the gastrointestinal tube.


Crude protein :10.70%

Crude fat :6.40%

Crude fiber :2.40%

Crude ash :0.40%

Moisture :75%


Dog's Weight Amount

1-5kg 60gr-200gr

5-10kg 200gr-400gr

10-20kg 400gr-800gr

20-30kg 800gr-1200gr

30-40kg 1200gr-1600gr

Metabolisable energy: 917,72Kcal/Kg

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